The feeling of a hand sliding along my skin. I sighed. Heat and shivers run along my body.

Phai opened his eyes, seeing the face of Alexander who bows and takes his mouth in a demanding kiss. Behind him the heat of another body. A strong arm wraps around his hips, holding him, forbidden him to move. Phai moans trying to free himself but his arms tied are kept by another arm against his chest. 

« Sshh ! Stay quiet ! »

A burning heat fills him, almost unbearable at the place where Heracles and him are connected. Straddling Heracles’ enormous thighs, his legs spread at their limit. His hard and long sex buried deep inside him to the hilt.

Alex looks at Phai putting his head back, in the move his hair pulls back on Heracles’ shoulder. His eyes are closed. And his lips — half open swollened by the last kiss, reddened by the passion — let pass a moan.

« Please… »

« Sshh ! Not yet ! »

Alexander in front of them, lets his hand slides slowly from one of the Hephaistion’s thighs to his crotch. With his fingers he massages the sensitive place between the anus and the balls sending in the body an intense pleasure. Deeply empaled by Herakles’ cock, unable to free himself from his hug, he could only surrender to the unbearable caress. The sensation makes him shake and shudder, bringing tears in his eyes. He pleads Alex to let him free, to let him move. He is sure he will lost his mind and die of pleasure. His quivering and neglected member erected and swelled of desire pleads for more.

All in continuing his ministration with more insistence, bringing Hephaistion at the edge of the orgasm, Alexander whispers to his lover :

« What do you want my sweet slave ? Are you not satisfy yet ? »

« Please… Master… free me… Aahh … »

« Why would I do that ? Give me a good reason. »

« I will do… Aahhh… all you want… Master… Aahh »

« Good ! »

Alexander looks at Heracles and unties Hephaistion’s hands :

« Hold him still for the moment »

Then he whispers some words to Hephaistion. 

« I want to see you bent on your knees as you take deep in your mouth my phallus while Heracles will fuck you without mercy. »

This one opens wide his eyes, a request in them.(2)

« You will do all I want, will’t you ? »

Hephaistion wakes up with a start, sweating, panting and totally aroused. What a weird dream he thinks blushing and confused.

It is all the fault of Alexander, he thinks. Since his « run away » and the suggestion of a threesome, he can’t help himself to have this kind of dream every night.

But the worse was that each time he crosses Alexander, he blushes deeply like a schoolboy. Not daring to look him in the eyes.


I am in the palace of Babylon, covered in chains a guard pushes me in a room. Inside a man on a golden throne wearing the emblems of his status : The Great King in person. By his side another man wearing the robe of a priest. The two characters are in the shadow and I can’t see their face.

The guard kicks my legs making me bent and falls on the ground. I realize I wear what it seems to be a sacrificial robe ; white and transparent linen robe that lets few things to imagination. The King’s intense gaze makes me shudder in fear and excitement. Without looking away, he intimates to start the ceremony. The priest bows, and all of sudden exited from nowhere a bed is ready. Guards come to me and bring me despite my resistance to the bed where they tie me, legs and arms spread. I feel vulnerable and exposed.

The priest appear near me, the torch light his face. To my surprise, I recognize the face of Heracles. I beg him to untie me. Without answering he put some things on a table, bottle of oil and other stuff. I open wide my eyes in seeing what he takes and come closer to me. He bear with deference a dildo(3) in gold in his hands. This one is enormous, I swallow hard.

« Why I am here ? What do you want to do to me? » I ask frightened.

« You have been chosen to accomplish the ceremony of Hieros gamos(4). You will spouse our Great King tonight. »

He says in showing the King close to the other side of bed. The King has the face of Alex.

« You have to satisfied him all night long to please the Goddess Inanna. And for what we want to do to you — showing the object in his hand and taking the bottle oil— I think it is obvious. I will prepare you for the ceremony. » 

Under the intense gaze of the two men, deep inside me, knowing I can’t escape them, I surrender. As Heracles, bring closer the dildo between my thighs I close my eyes shuddering…

After this dream, Hephaistion feels so confused and unsatisfied. Blushing in the memory of it all the time. He passes his day avoiding the two men as much as he could. He stays in his tent working, but he has some difficulties to concentrate. Reading again the document he just finished, he curses. This one is full of mistake. He has to start it again. He sighs. It is all their faults, he thinks unfairly, when a page of Alex comes saying that the king summons his presence.

Entering the King’s tent, his arms full of the maps he brings, he sees Heracles and Alexander in great talk together. At his arrival they stop abruptly as if they didn’t want him to hear their words. He sends them a suspicious look, they seems to become really close lately. Under their gazes, he has the feeling to burn. That reminds him his dream and he blushes deeply. Destabilized he lets fall the maps on the floor. He curses himself to be so clumsy. His hands shaking, he picks the documents. Then wanting to put them on the desk he bumps into a little table making fall the tray with all the contents on the ground.

In seeing the disaster, he stammers :

« I… I… Sorry. »

And without waiting, he flees outside.

Looking at the strange attitude of Phai with astonishment, Alex asks :

« What’s happened to him lately ? »

With a knowing look, Heracles smiles and says :

« I think he is ready »

« You mean… »

Heracles nods, and smiling, adds with a wink :

« Maybe it is time to put a end to his tension. »

After this hard day, Phai finds back the quietness of his tent with relief. He only wishes for a good meal and a very long bath before to go to sleep. He is totally submerged in the hot water of the tub. When he heard a noise. Opening his eyes, like in his wildest dream he saw Heracles and Alex coming closer to him with predatory eyes. He swallows resigned and excited. As Alex bent to kiss him while the hand of Heracles slides on one of his thigh, he thinks that it is time. Time to let fall the veil of convention and to free his fantasy…


(1) Philommedes is one of the many names added to Aphrodite, his meaning : who love the phallus. I thought it was ad hoc in this case. ;D

(2) You have to know that fellatio was the most degrading and humiliating act in antiquity, this kind of « service » was only provides by slave or prostitute. A free man will never accept to do such thing that’s why Phai feels so ashamed to have this kind of thought towards his king. And he can dream to do it only under intimidation.

(3) If you have some doubt about the use of dildo in Antiquity, know that :

« The world’s oldest known dildo is a siltstone 20-centimeter phallus from the Upper Palaeolithic period 30,000 years ago that was found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany.

The first dildos were made of stone, tar, wood and other materials that could be shaped as penises and that were firm enough to be used as penetrative sex toys. Dildo-like breadsticks, known as olisbokollikes (sing. olisbokollix)[9] were known in Ancient Greece prior to the 5th century BC. » (Wikipedia source)

(4) Herios gamos : Sacred Marriage.


Behind The Curtain Copyright © 2015 by Violet Suki. All Rights Reserved.

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