I enter in the bedroom and coming closer to the body lying, I kiss Hephaistion.

« Sorry my love I am late, this lasted longer that I thought »

Hephaistion, for only answer, smiles to me.

I lay on the bed. And closed my eyes exhausted. It was a hard day. I feels light kisses on my shoulder. I smile and turn my head to the one I love. My beautiful Hephaistion, lying on his side is looking at me. In a light touch like a breeze, he lets his fingers wandered on my skin.

« I have to go, my King »

At his words, I feels a grip on my heart. A pain, so deep, like I have never felt before. Why does I feel so weak today ? After all it is not the first time we will be apart. But today… Today, I feel like something inevitable is running.

« Please stay a little more ! »

« I can’t delay anymore my leaving. It is in the order of things. You know it, doesn’t you my Achilles ? It will not pass long before we will be together again. I will wait for you my love. »

I sigh. I know I can’t change the things. I stop the puckish hand and take it in my own. With a malicious smile I say :

« If you don’t stop your little game, I will not let you go for a very long time. »

Hephaistion laughs. I smile, I have always loved his laugh. This one is like a pure sound who always enlightens my heart and appeases my mind. This one has never changed despite the years. How many time before I can hear it again ? How many time ? I tighten my hold on Hephaistion’s hand.

«  As your hand is icy my love ! You must be cold. »

Again his laugh. I look at Hephaistion. This one looks so serene, I didn’t see him like that since a long time. His eyes shine like when we were young. So light, shinning of mischief and love. Seeing Hephaistion to be up, my throat tightens. I feel like a urge that pushes me to say :

« Please don’t go ! I plead you. »

«  I can’t. You know it. »

Hephaistion bents and lets a soft kiss on my lips.

« I will wait for you my love. It is time now. »

I tighten my fists feeling a faint worry invades me.

« Don’t worry ! All will be fine ».

I look at Hephaistion as this one disappears behind the curtain, bringing with him my happiness. I closed my eyes. I heard a door to open. I smile and whisper his name :

« Hephaistion »

« My King ? »

My joy goes out. It is only Heracles. Coming closer, Heracles wraps with softness his arms around my shoulders.

« It is time now. You must let him go. »

He looks at my hand. And I follow his gaze, our two hands interlaced. His hand so cold. Looking at Heracles, I search for a denial to what I suspect. His reddened eyes says me all. All I don’t want to know. All I refuse to know. Hephaistion is gone. I close my eyes.

Heracles brings me out of the room. Looking behind me, I see the breeze makes move the curtain carrying the outside sound. I freeze on the spot.

« Have you heard Heracles ? »

« Heard what my King ? »

« A laugh »

« No My King, I didn’t hear anything. »

I give a last look to the curtain as priests come inside. I hear again the laugh rings. I smile despite my despair.

I feel so weary. My mind is weary. To fight, maybe to live. My body too seems to give up. Lying on this bed of pain, I look at Hephaistion portrait. Is it my tired eyes ? It seems his face is smiling. I pass a hand on the eyes to clear my blurry view. When I hear a laugh. Feeling the wind in the curtain. I look at it, to see appear my love.

« You are late, my love. As always ! »

He states with a smile. I smile too as a heat invades my heart. I answer :

« Am I ? »

« I have already waiting height long months. I languish alone. »

He says with a cute and seductive pout on his lips. I laugh, all my tiredness is flown. He comes and lays by my side. Moving aside a strand of my hair, he caresses my check. Looking at him I realize how young he looks like. And how I feel old beside him. He puts his head on my chest close to my heart. He sighs :

« I have miss this so much… What are you waiting for ? Don’t you miss me too ? »

« Oh ! I miss you, my Patroclus. I miss you so much. Every day. Every hour. »

« Really ? »

I nod in smiling.

« So what is the problem ? »

« You seems to forget that I have an Empire. I need to find the good person to ensure… »

Flippantly, Hephaistion moves and sits by my side, an arm straddling my body. In the move, his chiton reveal a thigh, long and thin, a skin as white as a young virgin. I swallow. Hephaistion laughs to my expression.

« A…Are you trying to seduce me with these thighs of you ? »

He takes my hand and puts it on his thigh.

« Its works ? »

He asks with a lustful gaze. My hand slides on his thighs. I see him close his eyes with pleasure. Like this with his lips lightly ajar, I feel a part of my body that I thought to be dead to wake up.

« Oh ! Zeus ! «

I can’t restrain myself, with a forgotten energy I grab him and kiss him with passion. I want him and I want him now. I flip our bodies. An incredible desire to possess him invades me. I haven’t feel that for so long. This devouring desire we had for each other when we were young. Hephaistion accepts with delight my ardor. Encouraging me in spreading his legs. I can’t wait even one more second. I tear apart his clothes and took him in one hip trust. Hephaistion his wide-eyed eyes, his mouth opened in a mute cry, hold his breath under my rude attitude.

« Oh ! my… Alexander ! » I laugh under his shocked gaze.

« What ? You love it, I can see that »

I say as I feel his hard cock erected between us.

« My ass has another point of view on the subject. »

I laugh and kiss him in apology. Around my cock, his inside, so tight and warm, drives me crazy. I take him. Giving free rein to my frenzy, my impetuosity. Bringing us to the edge of insanity. Making him moan in pleasure and shouting my name. Realizing how much I craved to possess him. How much I miss him.

After the instant of the release, as I came back to the reality, a despair weight invades me. Like a child I sob, inconsolable. Without a word, he holds me in an embrace, stroking my hair a long time. As he puts light kisses on my shoulder, I can feel his own tears dropping on my skin.

We stay a long time like this unable to move, searching in the warmth of the other body a reassurance.

« It is time. »

He whispers. I raise my head. He frees himself from my arms and gets up wearing on his naked body the shreds of his chiton. The image makes me smile. I stand and going to a big box, I take in a coat and a pant in silk and hold him out the both. This is the one he wore some years ago in Babylon. In seeing the coat letting appear his chest and floating around I smile with tenderness. This brings back some nice memory of a certain night. His hair seems longer that eight months ago. My smile turns off as I remember. The serious face of Hephaistion mirrors my own feeling. With a sad smile, he holds me out his hand and repeats :

« It is time Alexander. »

I want to talk but he puts a light finger on my lips.

« Ssshhh ! It is too late for regrets »

He moves aside the curtain, turns to me and holds out his hand. I take a last look around me, on the bed lied my old shell. My gaze turns away, yes, without regret. I don’t know what is hidden behind the curtain. But, from now on, taking the hand of my love I let my past behind me. It is time. Time to write another story.



Behind The Curtain Copyright © 2015 by Violet Suki. All Rights Reserved.

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